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Back to School Means Back to “Me Time”

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I love having my kids home for the summer and I love when it’s time for them to return to school.

When school is back in session the house is quiet and clean for a few hours. I get to indulge in mid morning ice-cream or candy and don’t have to explain to the kids why I’m eating snacks before noon.

To prepare for my quiet mornings,
I went to Walmart and bought salted caramel SKINNY COW® Ice Cream Candy Bars and SKINNY COW® milk chocolate Dreamy Clusters. 

I was planning a morning of pampering and it would include chocolate. I thought about making a recipe, but both of these taste great as-is.

I always pamper myself once a week. Hair, nails, skin…the works.

It’s like a full on spa day and it can last just the morning or right up until the kids get home. But it doesn’t end with the first day of school. I schedule time to pamper myself regularly throughout the year.

Pampering can be little or small. A few things I do to pamper myself include bubble baths, burning scented candles, manicure, pedicures, or permissible indulgences before noon.

These things seem so unimportant, but have a great impact on my mood. 

Something as simple as enjoying a SKINNY COW® Ice Cream Candy Bar or milk chocolate Dreamy Clusters before noon and not having to explain why you’re eating candy so early is liberating.

Taking an hour or more the bathe and pamper my skin is so refreshing and relaxing. 

For a little while, before 3pm rolls around and school lets out, I get to create a dreamy day of pampering to remind me that I’m not only a wife and mommy. I’m a delicate, prissy woman who loves chocolate and pampering.

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