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Simple Back To School Breakfast Solutions Kids Will Love

If you’re getting into the swing of the new school year I know you’re thinking about weekday breakfast meals ideas like the rest of us moms.

Whether making meals from scratch or mixing in prepared foods the goal is to ensure our kids have a filling breakfast.  That means that sometimes I make their breakfast from scratch and sometimes I swap in freezer breakfast items. No matter what I planned I keep fresh fruit, nuts and grains on hand to round out the meal.

For breakfast today, I prepared some frozen biscuits with sausage, egg & cheese paired with fresh fruit and breakfast cookies.

Simple Back To School Breakfast Solutions Kids Will Love
Back to School Breakfast Solutions

I pre planned breakfast by putting it together in food storage containers.

The breakfast biscuit are easy for them heat and eat at the table or on the go when they are running late. The kids like these roll ups and they are a good option on days when we don’t make breakfast from scratch.

Back to School Breakfast Solutions

Teaching Portion Control

I like using these sectioned containers when meal planning because it keeps the food organized and allows for portion control. The larger section in these containers hold two cups of food while the two smaller ones hold one cup each.

Back to School Breakfast Solutions

My kids are teens, but I still plan their meals and make sure there are easy to grab food and snacking options in the kitchen. They don’t get breakfast boxes like this every day, because I don’t always have time to prepare them, but I do let them know each day what I planned for their meals.

I try to keep everything where they can find it or at the very least, I’ll pull out their meal ingredients and put it on the counter or table for them.

Back To School Meal Prep Tip

Gathering the weeks breakfast options together and placing them on a serving tray in the fridge helps. The tray makes it easy for the kids to choose in the morning when they are still tired. On the tray I place things like fruit in a container, breakfast cookies and any pre-made options like waffles.

I hope these tips help as you plan out back to school meals this year.

Back to School Breakfast Solutions
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