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An Easy Evening Routine That Will Make You Feel More Productive

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Let’s normalize unapologetically indulging in activities that make us feel productive!

I don’t know about y’all, but that feels normal. This past year reminded me just how much I love spending time with me. All jokes aside, I truly love spending time alone doing whatever it is my heart desires at the moment. Not having the pressure to attend events, weekly routines outside of the house, or be social has been a tremendous blessing.

With all of the time I’ve had on my hands, I’ve gotten more in tune with what I’ve wanted for my business and for myself. I managed my finances much better and I’m so much more fulfilled inside and out.

My productivity is up, my stress down and I’m indulging in the best parts of life. One thing that’s increased my productivity is my evening routine. Sometime between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. I find a spot in my home to be alone and have a one-on-one with myself. 
During that time I do whatever it is that makes me happy. It’s that simple. For about one hour, I sit in my spot and do whatever I want to do.

That’s so powerful for me because I’ve been a helper all my life. My natural bend is to give to others even when I don’t have much to give. What I’ve realized is that giving is great, but I also have to give to myself and today I want to share how I do that.

An Easy Evening Routine That Will Make You Feel More Productive

An Easy Evening Routine That Will Make You Productive

1. Pick a Quiet Spot

What I love about my home is that I have a few cozy and quiet spaces where I can chill at the end of the day. They all include things I love that are pleasing to my senses. If I’ve been stuck in my office all day I will set up in my living area where I can watch the sunset through the window. Watching the daylight slowly slip from dusk to night grounds me and provides a visual and mental end cap to my day. That’s important for me as an entrepreneur who also works from home. 

From 2018 to 2019 I was way too relaxed with my workday stopping point. This led to working evenings to fill the time, which was building up mental tension. As a creative I need time to let my brain rest and I realized that last year. With the slow down in 2020, I found that working incessantly was unnecessary. I did a few things to fill that time after work that led to me being more productive.

2. Enjoy Something Indulgent

Another thing I do during my evening routine includes an indulgent treat. This time it was Skinny Cow® ice cream sandwiches. 

These unapologetically indulgent ice cream sandwiches are a nice way to satisfy my craving especially when I’m doing my routine after dinner.

I get them delivered by Walmart through their Delivery service, but they can also be purchased at the store or with Walmart’s Online Pickup.

The treats are individually wrapped and remind me of the soft-serve ice cream from the ice cream truck. It’s small nostalgic moments like these connect me with my past and inspire me in my present.

No matter how hectic the day may have been, ending it with a small sweet treat brings things back into perspective.

3. Set the Mood

The part of my routine that helps me be the most productive is making sure I am in the right mood and mindset. To get to a place of relaxation I use sights, scents, and sound.

An Easy Evening Routine That Will Make You Productive

After deciding on my treat I light a candle. I pick a different color (sight) and fragrance (scent) each time. Next, I grab my journal. I keep it nearby to write down questions, thoughts, or just for notes. My journal helps me think on paper. I often think about my successes of the day and what I want the next day to look like.

An Easy Evening Routine That Will Make You Productive

If the house is full of my people, I often play white noise, lo-fi beats, or affirmations in my noise-canceling headphones. I have playlists for all three themes ready to go when I need them. With my spot picked, candles lit, my beats playing, and my perfectly sized Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwich to satisfy my sweet craving without going overboard, I’m ready to chill.

I will sit here in my thoughts enjoying my time anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. I allow myself this time to relax and recalibrate guilt-free so I am ready to be productive the next day.

Shop these Skinny Cow treats HERE. Enjoy!

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