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Quick & Easy High Protein Menu Ideas | Recipes and Video

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Being fit and healthy doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intentional decisions and planning, especially when it comes to our meals.

When planning our weekly menu I try to come up with easy healthy breakfast ideas that will give us the energy we need at the gym.

Planning our meals ahead of time ensures we are not standing at the refrigerator on a weekday morning, 20 minutes before we need to leave, wondering what to eat for breakfast.

In order for a meal to make it onto my menu, it has to be a healthy, high protein breakfast solution. It also has to be something we can prepare in less than 30 minutes.

A quick breakfast idea that made it onto my menu this week is the Sothern Style Chicken Breast Fillet Biscuit. 

I bought some earlier this week. One of the main reasons for adding a premade breakfast to our menu this week is because we were getting sick of eggs. 

If you watched my Menu Planning video, then you know we eat an egg based or oatmeal based breakfast everyday. 

We like to eat as healthy as we can during the week, so every Sunday I pre-make an oatmeal casserole and egg casserole.

While we do love my casseroles, eating the same type of meal week after week can get old.

So instead of our normal two weekly egg casserole breakfast days, I swapped those meals out for the Tyson Day Starts Sothern Style Chicken Breast Fillet Biscuit. 

It has 17 grams of protein, which is a little more than half the amount of protein I eat at every meal. To make up for the remaining 7 grams, I paired the sandwich with our favorite strawberry vanilla protein milkshake

Having a new breakfast option to enjoy with my husband before hitting the gym was a welcome change. 

The sandwich and smoothie tasted really good together and left me feeling full, energized and ready to start my day.

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