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8 Ways to Involve Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s two days after my birthday, making it an overall fantastic week for my husband to romance me, but it’s also another chance for us to demonstrate love to our kids.

Making our children a part of Valentine’s Day has been a tradition of ours since day one. It started with my husband buying gifts for our oldest daughter when she was the only child and later included traditions with our three younger children. 

Myself and several moms are sharing what we do to involve our children on Valentines day. 

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1. When we had just one child, my husband would buy her a box of chocolates and a teddy bear on Valentine’s Day. 

— Aprons And Stilletos —

2. It’s very important to me that I tell my kids, especially little one, that I love them each and every day. 

I want to build them up, because I know the world will try to tear them down. With that being said, I make them a special dessert, like Strawberry Cheesecake or Cupcakes or my Fruit Pizza! 

I display whatever artwork the little has made for me and I smother them with hugs and kisses.

— Mommy Powers —

3. I do something with just me and her like a mommy- daughter date. I also try to get her something small I know she will enjoy like a gift card to her favorite place for a special treat. 

— Girlfriends With Goals —

4. Last year, while the boys were at school, I cut hearts out of construction paper and wrote things about the boys that I loved about them — 4-5 things for each of them including daddy. 

I had them all over the house. The boys loved walking around the house finding them and reading about themselves. 

I had a large heart on the front door saying “I heart my family”. It was so much fun!

— Dinker and Giggles —

5. My husband buys a mini box of chocolate each of our girls and has my boys to present it to them. 

— Aprons And Stilletos —

6. I write “love letters” to my 7 year old and stick it in her school lunch every day. This is just a small reminder that Mommy ‘s here. 

If there’s a day that I accidentally skip it, she is sure to tell me. 

This year being that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday we will make our Chocolate Donut Recipe the night before. 

For lunch we will order a heart shaped pizza from our favorite local pizza joint and for dinner we will be making dinner for friends and family as the 7 year old is hosting her first Valentine’s Day party!

My Heavenly Recipes

7. I decorate her bedroom when she’s asleep on Valentine’s Eve. She loves surprises! 

8. I set out valentines bags (or boxes) every year, one for each child. The bags have candy and other fun foods, but I also try to include a special toy or stuffed animal for each one. They look forward to this tradition almost as much as Christmas! Even my 14-year-old son loves looking through his bag each year.

Tiffany Castleberry —

I could sure use some more ideas. How do you involve your kids on Valentine’s Day?

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7 thoughts on “8 Ways to Involve Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

  1. These are great ideas to express love and help your kids to understand the importance of showing love to the ones who love them.

  2. I especially loved your #4 -writing things on hearts that you loved about your family and posting around the house. I may have to try that one!

    1. That one can really make a child feel special. I think even doing it on more than just Valentine's Day would be nice too

  3. I always write special notes and keep little letters in a journal. My husband always gets them a silly love card that makes them laugh

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