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6 Mindful Reflection Questions To End Your Week With

Since our church building is closed and we’re viewing service online today I had more time this morning for quiet reflection. I didn’t have to get up and rush out the door to first service but was able to get up slow, journal, pray, meditate and speak over my life.6 Mindful Reflection Questions To End Your Week With

Spending an hour or more like this reflecting on the past few days, forecasting vision for the next and getting before God fills me in a way nothing else can.

Essentially pulling away from everything external and focusing on what’s going on with me internally keeps me focused, grounded and balanced.6 Mindful Reflection Questions To End Your Week With

Y’all know I’m very generous in sharing helpful habits and resources with you. So when I wrote down some of the questions I use to direct my thoughts I knew I had to share them with you.

We’re in a time in history when people are most vulnerable to fear and hopelessness. Without a plan and strong foundation it will be easy to give up and give in to despair. On the other hand, if we’re intentional in directing our thoughts to profitable things we will remember that this season will pass just like the ones before.

My foundation is built on Gods word. It’s never failed me and I trust it. Therefore I’m going to continue moving forward and being a good steward with this life He’s given me. Part of that includes living a life that honors Him.6 Mindful Reflection Questions To End Your Week With

In order to know if I’m reaching that goal I must take inventory of my life. He’s given me six days to work and one to rest. On the seventh day, I use the following questions to see how far I’ve come the last six days and where I need to go in the next six.

I hope this post and the reflection questions below help you recalibrate your thoughts in this season. You are more than a conqueror and you will be alright.

Mindful Reflection Questions

In the last 6 days…

1- How did I succeed?
2- Who did I become?
3- Who did I help?
4- Who helped me?
5- What did I learn?
6- What desires did I manifest?

I recommend dedicating a page in your journal or and entire journal to answering these question every Sunday.

I think you’ll be surprised at how your outlook improves and your successes become more apparent.

Before you go, I’d love to pray for you by name. We’re all in this life together and I’m rooting for you to win. Leave a comment with your specific prayer request or just your name if you want to be added to my prayer list.

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