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5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

“This post has been sponsored by Pantene® and Dollar General. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Niyah will be a senior in the fall and it feels like she’s trying to cram the last of her childhood into this summer. She wants to be somewhere new every day. Since we have a gym membership, I’m constantly telling her to go swimming. Historically, girls in the African American community shy away from swimming because the salty sea water and chlorinated pool water can damage our hair. That can be the case but with protective measures, we can enjoy the water and have healthy hair too! Deep conditioning with Pantene® Intense Rescue Shots is just one way to enjoy all the adventure that summer has to offer without worrying about hair damage.
5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

I bought two packs of Pantene® Intense Rescue Shots at the Dollar General for five bucks per pack. I wasn’t in the store that day for hair products but whenever I’m in there, I check the hair care aisle to see if there are any products I need to restock or just try. This one is new to me and after using it once, I’m sold. I found it on the shelf right next to the Pantene shampoo and conditioner products, along with a coupon on Pantene products. With the Dollar General digital coupon, I was able to save $1 off my purchase. 5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

I decided to grab these when I saw the digital coupon. Dollar General digital coupons are always easy to use. I just go to, tap the plus, and add coupons to my account while I shop.

Save $1 off 1 or $5 off 3 on Pantene® products, Rescue Shots included, at DollarGeneral. Shop and save now!” 

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

Back when I was a teen and tearing up my hair, a friend introduced me to Pantene products. My hair was breaking off, so I started using the shampoo and conditioner and saw how it nourished my hair. That’s what really made me splurge and give these Rescue Shots a try.5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

Niyah is just like me when I was a teen. When I was her age, I loved to be on the go. I enjoyed swimming, being outside with my friend and doing hair. Niyah’s the same way, so between chlorinated water in the swimming pool, salt water at the beach, and extreme southern heat, she needs to make sure she protects her hair.

I always remind her that a good hair care routine includes rescue steps for healthy, shiny, strong hair and not just cute styles. The way her routine is set up, she pretty much manages her own hair. I just jump in from time to time if I see her hair is dry or neglected. I noticed this week that her hair was a bit dry, so I had her wash and condition it. Then, I applied Pantene’s at-home rescue treatment and she rinsed it. I applied the treatment because I wanted to make sure it was massaged evenly on the oldest parts of her hair. I applied one full ampule to her hair from mid-length to the tips, then had her rinse.

Rescue Shots not only treat hair to prevent damage but also correct hair damage. Niyah’s hair was very dry before we started and super moisturized after. Her curls were plump, I saw a noticeable difference in the softness of her hair, and her 4C curls were super defined. This is Pantene’s most concentrated Pro-V formula treatment, designed to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damage.

From now until school starts back, I’ll have Niyah deep condition with Rescue Shots bi-weekly. The product can be applied as often as 1x per week or as infrequently as 1x per month. I’m using it more frequently on Niyah’s hair to get it as healthy as possible before school begins. My goal is to keep her hair braided between washes and treatments so she can enjoy summer. After treating her hair, I styled it in a simple braided updo. I added gold hair charms and that was it. With braided styles, she can swim, exercise, and enjoy time in the sun without too much fuss.

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

When I braided her hair this time, it felt healthier, looked shinier, and there was less shed hair during the styling process. When I asked her how she felt about her new routine, she said she loves how quick it is. She likes being able to rinse the treatment right away and not have to sit under the dryer. With no dryer time, she was able to achieve amazing softness and moisture. Just one application turned Niyah’s dry, brittle hair into soft, shiny, and more resilient hair.

If your hair is fragile, lacking moisture, or dull, try adding Pantene’s Intense Rescue to your summer hair care routine. You can find them at Dollar General and save at checkout using the digital coupon here.

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

While chlorine, salt water, and heat are the main culprits of her summer hair stress, there are others to watch out for as well.
5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

5 Ways to Prevent Summer Hair Damage

1– Avoid wearing headbands to close to the hair line. They can put stress on those fine hair causing hair loss.

2– Avoid tight protective hairstyles can lead to breakage in other areas of the scalp including the hairline.

3– Don’t dehydrate your hair this summer.  When hair to become dry and brittle it is prone to breakage. Keep your hair soft and flexible by moisturizing with the right products.

4– Don’t rush through the detangling process. This can lead to hair damage. Carve out time to gently finger detangle your hair before of during the wash process.

5– Deep condition your hair as often as possible with a easy to use, at home deep conditioner like Pantene® Intense Rescue Shots. Deep conditioning should be the final step in you hair/scalp cleaning routine.


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