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5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

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Germaine and I have been so sick the past seven days, but you probably couldn’t tell since we were still sharing behind the scenes updates of our kitchen renovation. The project should have taken us two days, but we caught colds the day we started the project so it took seven days total. Right now we’re on the mend, but are treading lightly before jumping fully back into our gym and social routines.

We both subscribe to the idea of having a recovery ritual, which we started yesterday. It’s always been helpful easing ourselves or our children back into daily routines after a cold so I wanted to share it in a full blog post.

We’ve always had a large family household, and when any of us get sick, the main priority is making sure we all get everyone else sick and then making sure we all bounce back well. Once Germaine and I were feeling at least 95% better, we started working on bouncing back after being sick with these five rituals.

5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

1 – Start a well care recovery regimen5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being SickAfter a cold, I take recovery measures to get my immune and digestive system back on track. I plan light meal plans that include immunity boosting produce like kale, ginger, turmeric, garlic and citrus fruit. With the help of Align® Resistance Formula Probiotic Supplement I kickstart my digestive system and restore any good bacteria that may have been killed from antibiotics taken while sick.

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Being intentional about eating specific immunity boosting produce and probiotics is a simple way to bounce back after a cold. Adding Align® Resistance Formula​ and fresh produce to my first Walmart Online Grocery order after a cold is easy. 5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being SickAlign® Resistance Formula​ is an OTC, so I don’t have to go in the store to get it. I just add it to my order and it’s in my bag at Walmart pickup. I choose Align® Resistance Formula Probiotics because it’s clinically proven to help maintain digestive balance and is #1 Doctor recommended. I don’t ever have to be concerned about wiping out my bacteria with antibiotics because Align® Resistance Formula Probiotics is specially created with large probiotic cells that survive antibiotic use.**5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

2 – Change all the linen I used while I was sick5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick 

To make sure we don’t make anyone else in the house sick or even pass along nasty germs, we strip the bed and put on all fresh linen. It’s a task changing a king size bed and eight pillows but it must be done.5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

Just like hospitals change linen when a patient leaves, we change our linen when we’re no longer sick. Germaine would love to change the linen daily, but I’m not about that life. If I’m not sick I change linen once a week, but definitely directly after a cold.

3 –  Replace my toothbrush

5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being SickManual toothbrushes cost less than a dollar when bought in bulk, about $2, if you use eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes like I do, or about $5+ for a rotating head. For me price doesn’t matter when it comes to bouncing back after a cold. I just don’t feel right continuing to use the same toothbrush I used with a cold. After a cold I toss our toothbrushes and start with a fresh one.5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

4 – Disinfect the surfaces in my home5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

After a bout with sickness I disinfect most of the touchable surfaces in my home. Any surface we touch with our hands is pretty much wiped with a disinfectant to reduce the chance of getting anyone else sick and to make sure we don’t get sick again. A spray bottle and cleaning cloth with a store-bought or DIY disinfectant spray. I’ll share an easy go-to recipe of mine here.

DIY Disinfecting Spray Cleaner
  1. 1 1/2 cups water.
  2. 1/4 cup white vinegar, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. small bottle.

5 – Rest

5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being SickThe last way to bounce back is not to move too fast back into the normal routine. Once I’m feeling well, I take an extra day to just rest even though I feel pretty normal. I’ve rushed back to the gym, back out into the cold and around people only to relapse and feel worse. I make my schedule so I have the freedom to slowly get back into my routine, and I take it so that when I bounce back from a cold I bounce back all the way.5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

If you want to add Align® Resistance Formula Probiotics to your “bounce back from a cold routine” add it to your next Walmart shopping trip using this link.Align Probiotic

**This product is not intended to treat side effects of antibiotic use.

5 Ways to Bounce Back After Being Sick

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