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5 Tips that will motivate you to do the dishes

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When’s the last time you took joy in doing the dishes or buying dishwasher detergent? For me it was just this morning.
I like to find ways to enjoy the everyday task that need to be done around the house especially in my kitchen. One task that never ends is dishwashing so instead of dreading it, I thought of some simple ways to get motivated. 
Below are 5 Tips that will motivate you to do the dishes and actually look forward to it. 

1. Set a limit on the number of everyday dishes you keep in your cabinet. I have one dinner plate, one salad plate, one bowl, three cups and three utensils per person in our home. We have other dishes for whenever guest comes over, but limiting the everyday dishes, cuts down on a sink full of dishes and the constant running of the dishwasher. 

2. Teach your children how to load and unload the dishwasher. I’ve been teaching my kids this since they could carry a dish. Now they are at an age where they are responsible for most of the dishwashing.
3. Create a spot close by the sink and dishwasher to store dish cleaning supplies. We keep our Finish gelpacs, tabs and rinse agent on the counter right above the dishwasher and beside the sink.
4. I’m stimulated by beautiful things, especially those that sparkle and shine. Instead of storing my dishwashing products in their original packaging, I created blinged out bowls. 
I picked up the supplies I needed at Walmart, plus I was able to save $1.00 off Finish using this coupon.

5. Choose appliances wisely. When we bought our dishwasher, I really wanted to get one as cheap as possible. But when my husband and I compared the features of the cheaper brand with the higher end model, he showed me how we’d save time and money by spending a little bit more up front.

Having a great dishwasher, a place for dishwasher supplies and a helpful family makes it easy to keep the dishes clean.

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