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5 Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors have quickly become one of my favorite ways to decorate a space. They come in so many shapes, sizes and styles and can really set the tone for the way you decorate a space.

Mirrors not only beautify a space, but they bring in light and add depth to a room because of their reflective properties. 

They can also be multipurpose. While on vacation I got some ideas on how to incorporate function into mirrors. 

I’d never seen this done before and it’s amazing how the one space on back of the bathroom door serves two purposes.

And this mirror from our room with the beautiful sconces attached to the mirror was genius. 

In a small space having the lighting placed in front of the mirrors makes the space feel larger and brighter.

These two mirrors changed the way I thought about using mirrors in my decor.

Let me show you some of my favorite mirrors and how I style them in my home. In my den I have mirrors on two sides of the room, but today I’ll only show you one side.

The other side of the room is where my latest gallery wall is which I will share in another post. You can get a peek at my gallery wall in the reflection below.

Now, here’s a picture of how I used mirrors to style a gallery wall in my family room.

In the photos below I used different mirror sizes, textures and colors when I remodeled my bedroom.

I don’t just use mirrors on the walls either. I’ve used mirrors as place settings this summer when I made brunch for the kids and on shelves.

I am in love with the way I’ve decorated my home on a budget in the last year and wake up everyday excited about living here.

5 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

1. Use different size mirrors.
2. Choose mirrors encased in different materials.
3. Use mirrors other placed beside just on walls.
4. Pay attention to what the mirror will reflect.
5. Make mirrors multipurpose when possible.

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