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5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

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I have been on the “struggle bus” lately y’all. I started a job about a week ago and I put some things into place to smooth out the transition, but I’ve realized there are still a few aspects of my morning routine that need tweaking to help save me some time.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

So far, I like my job. It’s seasonal plus I get to work from home. My hours are amazing allowing me to still build my online brand, and be available for my family. The only problem is while in training, I’m not working my true schedule. I’m on a temporary training schedule which is different from the schedule I’ll have after training and that’s taken some adjustment. So to make the most of the little time I have in the mornings I’ve had to tweak my morning routine a bit.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

Some of my morning non negotiable’s are carving out time for planning my day, exercise and blogging. The way this first week went was good but it can be better and I know I can squeeze more out of my time with some adjustments. I want to shave a few extra minutes off of the current routine so that I can use them for more important tasks.

My pre job morning routine used to start around 7:00 am, but starts at 5:00 am now. The two-hour time difference has been a huge adjustment process. I used to ease out of bed at seven, but now I’m getting out of bed while it’s still dark and that has been a struggle.

With the new job schedule, I get up and stumble around in the dark to find my gym clothes, then stumble around in a haze trying to get my cup of coffee made. After only making it to the gym twice the first week of work and hardly worked on my blog I realized some things have to change.

5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother MorningsDitch the A.M. Social Media

The first change I made was to skip wasting my first waking hour on email and social media. Being a blogger, it’s easy for me to head to social media after exiting my Bible, investment and bank apps. To redeem some time I stopped checking social media and email first thing in the morning. That alone saved me at least 45 minutes.

Revamp My Coffee Station

The other thing I decided to do is revamp my bedroom coffee station. I love having a coffee station and refrigerator in my bedroom. Something  that wasn’t working for me was using a reusable coffee pod and coffee grinds. Having to wash and refill the reusable pod was wasting so much time. I need to get my coffee brewed faster so that I can get my day started so I bought the 18 count dark roast NESCAFÉ® CLASICO™ Single Serve Coffee Pods to stock my coffee station with.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

Swapping out the reusable pod with NESCAFÉ® CLASICO™ Single Serve Coffee Pods saves me a good 20 minutes and has such a delicious flavor. NESCAFÉ® CLASICO™ is a Latin American inspired coffee that now has Keurig® compatible single serve pods.

NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ has the perfect amount of coffee in each pod so I save time measuring. Each pod is perfectly measured to deliver that bold cup of coffee I’m looking for in the morning. I get a rich, bold flavor from every pod perfect for waking up my taste buds. Look at the dark and inviting cup of coffee NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ brews up.  5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

With my new morning schedule I need a strong cup of coffee to get me going and NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ definitely hits the spot. By the time I’m finished my cup I’m about 50% awake….LOL!! 5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

I picked up a few boxes at Walmart and updated my coffee station to keep the pods organized. I also swapped out my mug and added some things that will inspire me each morning. There’s a $3.50 off any 1 Taster’s Choice® (16 ct.) or Clasico™ (18 ct.) Coffee Pod deal on ibotta right. You can see the details when you click on this link.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother MorningsPrep the Night Before

Another quick change I made to make my morning routine run smoother has been to take my gym clothes out at night and place my gym bag near the front door. Last week, I added some hooks to our entryway wall and a small woven ottoman turned out to be the perfect place to hang my gym bag.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

Don’t skip the exercise

This has been my default since I started working. When I’m running behind in the mornings I typically skip going to the gym. That just seems to feel like the logical thing to do, but truth be told, exerting is the very thing that gives me the energy and clarity I need for the day. The physical activity gets my blood and serotonin flowing which put me in a positive mood first thing in the morning.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

Plan Ahead

I mean this literally y’all. I’ve started planning my day in my planner the night before now because I just don’t have the thirty minutes to sit down and plan in the mornings anymore. In the mornings I’m on the go for the time I wake up until it’s time to eat dinner. Taking time to plan the night before has helped me get on task easier once I finish my workout. I just go to my planner and start doing what’s next on my list.5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

I’m not going to lie. The first day I started this new routine, it went well but on day two, I overslept and missed the gym. Ugh!!!

I’m going to keep pushing through this training and routine so I can get the most out of my days. I’m super excited about this phase of life I’m in. I haven’t worked a “job” in over 15 years and it feels different but fun.

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2 thoughts on “5 Time Saving Habits For Smoother Mornings

  1. Oh wow! I can’t wait to here more about your seasonal job. I love how you were honest in this part about struggling in the mornings and looking for ways to have a smoother morning. Best wishes on the new schedule! 💕

    1. Oh I love it Crystal. It’s a great fit for me and fits with my skill set. The first 3 weeks took some adjusting of my schedule, but I’m getting the hang of my new routine.

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