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5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

I’m the kind of woman who wants to squeeze the most out of every day and that doesn’t mean doing a bunch of busy work. What it means is I want clarity, focus and to be successful in setting and hitting my daily targets.

I juggle being a wife, mom and entrepreneur most hours of the day so to have the absolute best days I start with my night-time habits.

Every habit I carry out is connected to who I want to be at some point in the future. For example, when I exercise today, I’m stronger tomorrow. The same is true with my nightly habits. When I sleep well I wake up focused, I can plan my day with a clear vision for the result I want and actually hit my target.

To make sure I get the best sleep possible I look at what obstacles could stand in the way of that happening. I gave some thought to how I was feeling each morning and wrote out my ideal nighttime routine in partnership with JUVEA pillows. Below I’ve shared the top 5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity, help me wake up refreshed and ready for each day.


5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

1. Body Alignment

The best way to sleep well and wake up rejuvenated is by ensuring my body is aligned throughout the night. To get the comfortable night sleep I take in consideration how I can sleep on my side and not awake with a sore neck, hips and knees. To make sure I’m comfy from my shoulders through my knees I have a high-end pillow top mattress that keeps my body aligned.

5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

To keep my head and spine aligned I sleep on a Juvea King Shapeable Shred Pillow with Tencel Cover. The Juvea conforms to my head and is naturally cooling to help regulate my temperature during the night. It arrives in a super cute box with unboxing instructions.5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

The pillow is hypoallergenic making is dust mite, mold and bacteria repellant. This also helps prevent odors and allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and itching.

The Shapable Juvea Pillow is specifically designed for all sleep positions.  I sleep on my side and I like how the shredded latex core makes it flexible enough to cradle my head and neck so I don’t wake up with a head, ear, neck or back pain. It’s impossible to fully describe the sleep benefits of the pillow which is why I’m giving one away. One of my Aprons And Stilletos readers will get their very own JUVEA Pillow, so make sure you scroll to the end of the post to enter.


2. A.M./P.M Hydration

Hydration can get tricky if you have a large daily water consumption goal like I do. If I start drinking water too late in the day I end up drinking a lot close to bedtime and my sleep is interrupted at night to use the restroom.

My best practice is placing water on my nightstand before bed so it’s there to drink first thing in the morning. This habit is still a work in progress. I waste way to much time laying in bed on my phone after waking up and often don’t start drinking my water until I’ve been up for at least and hour.

I still wanted to share this habit with you even though I haven’t mastered it because it’s still valuable. Proper hydration prevents that dehydrated feeling while sleeping. I hate having dry sinuses, a dry throat or mouth so I drink lots of water daily and start as early in the morning as possible.

3. Noise Cancellation

Noise is the number one thing that interrupts my sleep. Something as subtle as the house creaking tends to wake me up so I use shapeable latex ear plugs. Reducing noise has greatly reduce the number of sleep interruptions I experience throughout the night. After adding earplugs to my sleep routine I stay asleep longer and don’t wake up feeling like I only slept for an hour or so.5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

4. Light Blocking

In addition to blocking out sound, I also block out light. The darker my bedroom the better I sleep. Before getting a sleep mask I didn’t realize the shifting lights outside from cars passing by was interrupting my sleep5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

Since getting a sleep mask to use at night I’ve been able to stay asleep longer even after the sun has come up. It feels amazing waking up when my body feels fully rested versus when the sun is shinning right in my face.

5. Bedroom Temperature

The last change I made to my nightly routine is to the overall bedroom temperature.When the bedroom is too hot I get sweaty and don’t sleep well. If it’s too cold I end up shivering all night. Depending on the season, I use heated blankets, a remote operated heater/fan and set the thermostat accordingly. I’m able to get the perfect temperature for my body using my breathable temperature regulating Juvea Pillow, the correct bed linen and thermostat.

My 5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity can come across as trivial at first if you’ve never taken inventory of the quality of your sleep. I have and when I realized I wasn’t waking up rejuvenated and full of energy I took the necessary steps to change my outcome.

Now I wake up well rested and ready to start my day. My bedroom has become a sanctuary for rejuvenation and not a pit stop between long days.5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity

Now when I awake I feel energized and excited. I hop out of bed, grab my cup of coffee and start planning my day feeling well rested and rejuvenated.


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5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity


5 Sleep Habits That Increase Productivity


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