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5 reasons why my husband is my best friend and biggest supporter

Who’s your best friend? 

Mine is my husband and I’m not just saying that. He’s been my best friend going on 15 years and and the longer we’re married, the closer we grow to one another.

He inspires so many good things in me and my life is so much better because he’s in it.

I recently started a hubby journal dedicated to writing sweet things about him and our marriage. I’m using it as a tool, to cherish great things about him each day by focusing on his best qualities. 

Today I’ll share 5 reasons I call him ‘best friend’.

1. He’s friends with my best friend.

We both love God and have dedicated our lives to serving Him. I know my husband answers to God and wants to please Him and that shows in how he treats me. He tries to love me like God loves me, so I trust him with my whole life.

2. He’s supports me.

Whenever I’m thinking about doing something positive, he’s my number one cheerleader. If my life were a show, he’d be the biggest fan and the one yelling the loudest. 

3. He encourages me.

This is good and annoying at the same time depending on what he’s encouraging me to do. When I don’t want to do something like go to the gym, I equate encouragement with nagging, but when I’m thinking of buying a new pair of shoes and he’s like, “get those babe, you look hot” I love it.

4. He understands me.

I’m complicated and it’s taken my husband 15 years to understand my ways and moods. He’s talked me through some difficult issues and always tries hard to see where I’m coming from as a women. It can be hard for men to understand our emotional side, but my husband has put in long hours to understand how to communicate, encourage, support and inspire me.

5. He makes me feel beautiful and smart.

No more than a day goes by without my husband giving me a compliment. He loves doting on me and adoring me. He has a gift for pointing out the good things about me I don’t always see.

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    Now that I’ve shared 5 reasons why my husband is my best friend and supporter, I encourage you to make a list of your own to share with your husband.

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