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5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

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It’s officially summer and time to switch up my wellness routine a bit. The South Carolina winter and summer temperatures are extremely different. We have mild winters and extremely hot summers, so I can’t follow the same wellness routine year round.

The wellness products that works in the winter won’t work as great in the summer due to different eating habits, extreme heat and high humidity.

Since I was overhauling my well care routine, I figured I’d round up a few of the products I rely on and tell you about the benefits of using them.

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer


1. Henna

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

Henna is my go-to for healthy summer hair. Between swimming, working out, long periods in the intense sun, and being exposed to the air conditioner most of the day, my hair can become fragile and dry. The chlorine from the pool and intense sun can lead to dry scalp and brittle hair.

Henna comes from the Henna Tree (Lawsonia inermis). The leaves are dried and turned into a fine powder used for naturally dyeing hair, clothes and is also used to treat skin conditions.

To combat hair damage, I mix Henna, coconut oil, green tea and my favorite moisturizing conditioner to create a Henna hair mask. I use this Henna mask every 2-4 weeks throughout the summer to seal moisture into my hair strands and prevent dry scalp.

2. Biotin  

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

Biotin (vitamin H) helps improve the bodies keratin structure, the protein that makes up our hair, skin and nails.

I started using Biotin back when I cut off my relaxed hair and had about 3 inches of natural hair. Within six months, my hair had grown to my shoulders. The result was a combination of healthy eating, exercise and Biotin.

3. Sugar-Free Antacid

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

Reducing sugar as much as I can is high on my list of well care practices and it doesn’t end in the kitchen. When I went through my medicine cabinet, I noticed wellness products that had high fructose corn syrup, and unnecessary food coloring. I decided to become more conscious about the ingredients in the wellness products I buy. Brands are jumping on board to help make the switch even easier. They just released a TUMS Sugar-Free* heartburn relief which I use during the summer when I eat more spicy foods.

It is no fun to wake up occasionally in the middle of the night with heartburn, looking for relief and not have it. I keep a bottle of sugar-free TUMS Sugar-Free heartburn relief in my medicine cabinet, and can still get the extra-strength power of TUMS, but without the sugar. When that heartburn hits, I take two tablets that go to work in seconds. When my heartburn is relieved, I can go back to sleep.

Pharmacists recommended TUMS antacid more than any other and now it’s a better choice for heartburn this summer since it’s sugar-free.

Keep in mind that not just unhealthy foods cause heartburn. Foods that are healthy can cause heartburn as well. I started keeping TUMS on hand when I learned some of my healthy recipe we’re giving me heartburn. Recipes that include citrus fruit, tomatoes, dark chocolate, caffeine, and hot peppers can definitely cause it and the New TUMS Sugar Free can help with that. I found the sugar free TUMS at Target, but it is also available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and on Amazon. You can print a money saving coupon here.


4. Natural Deodorant 

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

Using natural deodorant is actually a year-round wellness product I highly recommend. I started using natural deodorant about two years ago because of the negativity I’ve research around prolonged application of aluminum to the human body.

I was so scared to switch to natural especially during the summer thinking it might not keep me fresh. At first I used it part-time for about a month and then completely switched to all aluminum free natural deodorant products. I like ones that contain Neem Oil which is a phenomenal moisturizer for the skin. Since switching I’ve had smoother armpits and minimal shave bumps if any at all.

5. Activated Charcoal

5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer

I pretty much look for skin care products with charcoal powder in them especially one for my face care. Charcoal is an ingredient found nature and has the ability to draw out impurities in the skin. I use pore penetrating charcoal face soap, nose strips and deep cleaning face masks.

These are 5 New Wellness Products to Try this Summer recommendations and the ones that will be part of my routine. Which of these have you tried or plan to try?

*Refer to the TUMS bottles for full directions, and use as directed.

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