5-Minute Office Workout

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My husband is my man crush every day and a big reason behind why I got back into exercising after having our fourth child.

He is super motivated, loves looking and feeling great. He exercises to keep his endurance up and keep his body in tip-top shape.

5-Minute Office Workout

So when he was plagued with chronic Sciatica, it really took a toll on him physically. Sciatica is a pain that extends from the back down through the lower leg. It usually goes away in about six weeks with rest, but my husbands lasted and worsened for three years. He drives for a living so he’s sitting a lot and we think that and maybe lifting heavy weight brought on sciatica.

To alleviate it, we bought special pillows for him to sit on while driving, and he started a stretching routine which I share with you. We also applied pressure to his lower back and glutes. What my husband wouldn’t do is take any medication for the pain. He didn’t like the harmful side effects of some pain relievers so he’d suffer through it. For the past three years, he used stretching and massages to alleviate the pain from sciatica. Both helped a lot and the pain has subsided some, but lately started coming back. He’s now also developed plantar fasciitis. It’s crazy how you can be super fit and active yet still have ailments. 

5-Minute Office Workout

With some research, I found out about Curamin® Stop Pain Now brand. For my husbands back and foot pain, I bought Curamin® Extra Strength, 60ct, which is a safe, effective, non-addictive option for pain relief. I bought this bottle at a small local health and wellness store. 

5-Minute Office Workout

It’s a safe, effective, non-addictive herbal formula made from Tumeric and is different from over-the-counter pain meds and prescription drugs that can sometimes have negative side effects.

He’s been taking it for about a week now and it’s already helped the pain he was feeling in his foot and back. Taking Curamin® Extra Strength,  staying active and moving often during the work day has been the key to living with and overcoming his chronic pain.

Having a job where you sit most of the time, seems like it would be an ideal, but being stationary for too long can wreak havoc on your body if you’re not careful. Let me show you a few exercises that are easy to do in an office setting and that are especially good for people who sit a lot while working.

5-Minute Office Workout

1. Start with a simple stretch right from your office chair that will awaken the muscles in you back, shoulders and hips. Begin with your back straight and arm out in front of you. Slowly lower your body forward toward your knees and reach towards the floor. Return to upright position and repeat 10 times.

5-Minute Office Workout

2. Now move onto some leg raises, making sure to alternate from left to right. Sit with your back straight and start lifting those legs. 10 reps per side is perfect.

5-Minute Office Workout

3. It’s time the get the blood circulating in your arms with a simple chair tricep dip. Scott forward just past the edge of your chair, while using your hands and arms to hold your body weight. Slowly lower your bottom a few inches below the seat of your chair. Repeat 30 times taking rest as needed.

5-Minute Office Workout

4. Time to get on your feet for some chair squats. Stand in front of your chair with your feet shoulder width apart. Using the chair as your boundary, lower your bottom to the chair and then stand back up pushing from your heels. Try and complete three sets of ten squats for thirty squats in all.

5-Minute Office Workout

5. The last thing you’ll do is a wall squat. This will engage your glutes, back and core. Place your back against a wall and slide your body down until you are in a seated position. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

5-Minute Office Workout

Curamin® is available at fine food health store nationwide and online. I found it at a quaint little heart food store in town that I’ve never gone to but will be going back when my husband is out of Curamin®. 

5-Minute Office Workout 5-Minute Office Workout
5-Minute Office Workout

Have you ever taken a dietary supplement for pain versus over the counter pain meds? What has been your experience?


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24 thoughts on “5-Minute Office Workout

  1. What exactly does Curamin contain? Would love to know that !Loved your office workout routine.Sitting for long is definitely bad for health

  2. Love those office exercises and its so important we keep doing it especially when we sit for longer. I do use Curamin during occasional pain and it sure does work wonders.

  3. this is really cool. I need to start doing something like this while I am working. It would probably help with my back pain

  4. I love this. I could always use an office workout. I can barely sit in my seat, I'm up moving all the time. Next time I will give your workout a go!

  5. I'll have to check this out! My husband is also a lifter and has a lot of pain. He doesn't like to take medicine, either.

  6. This work out is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I need to start doing this.

  7. I need to do my work out again. Its almost summer here and that means time for my bikini weekends!

  8. Fantastic home workout! This is the perfect way to sneak in a quick workout for busy days when stuck at my desk all day.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is going through all of that pain. It's good that you have found something to help with that. Thanks for all the office workout tips. I know that I should be using them to start my day at work. I have heard that a little bit of exercise is a really great thing to start your workday.

  10. I love five minute workouts like these! I spend so much time sitting at my computer that I need little breaks like this to engage my body. And I work from home so I have no excuse not to do exercises!

  11. Awesome! My work has me sitting in front of the computer for long hours on end and when I come home, my back feels like it is being ripped apart in pain. I will do these little office exercises and get a bottle of Curamin too!

  12. I would be embarrassed to do stretches at my desk! I go to the gym almost every day, so I feel like I'm taking care of myself.

  13. I need some Curamin in my life. Some days I wake up with pain on my hair (NOT EVEN KIDDING). Thanks for the workout tips!

  14. Yes! I need something like this for long days at the desk! It's so easy for time to fly by and realize we've been in one spot for hours!

  15. Love this! I just had my fourth child five weeks ago and started back with my exercise routine prior to pregnancy. I even bought an elliptical since I quit working for a bit to be a SAHMommy. I just work out 30 min a day and I love it! I'd like to add this to my routine too!

  16. I don't work in a office but I can understand why you would need to move about. It must be awful sat in the same position for hours!

  17. I have tried a few of these office workouts, but some I have not. I am excited to give them a try since my job is based on the computer! #client

  18. You and your husband are so fit! I'm fortunate in that I have a job that requires me to be on the go all the time. I'm constantly chasing after children, haha. But my husband is in medical school and has to be sitting a lot to study, so this is helpful for him! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  19. I love the office workout idea. So great when you need a break

  20. This is so important to do. I always hear that you should try to move around every hour or so, so I might start to do these exercises.

  21. Funny timing because my husband was JUST telling me that he wants to start doing little exercises in his office. This is perfect for him.

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