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4 Key Pieces in Her Wardrobe this Year

Newsflash!! We all want to look great right? Whether high end or thrifty pieces we all want to look and feel fabulous.

I don’t have a lot of clothes but I look like I do because I have an eye for mixing and matching. I can look at one item and think of seven different outfits I can come up with using pieces I already have in my closet.

Today I’m going to share some basic pieces that if added to your wardrobe will help you mix and match your look without too much effort.


A black pump is the most versatile shoes you’ll have in your closet. While this pump is affordable and comes in five cute colors, the black will be the most versatile. You’ll be able to wear it with skirts, suits, dresses or jeans.


Every woman should have a nice fitting pair of medium to dark blue jeans. If you’re short like me don’t be afraid to buy and alter a nice pair of jeans that may be too long but fit perfectly in the waist. I like high quality jeans but not the high quality price tag so I often use Zulily to buy last season jeans at 80% off or more.


Having a classic blazer in your wardrobe this year is going to add a great deal of versatility to the pieces of clothing already own. 
These days you can wear a blazer over a dress, shorts, paired with jeans or with a skirt. When choosing a blazer go with a black or navy blue color and look for a tailored waist. 
The tailored waist is what will make your blazer look more feminine allow it to be easily paired with skirts and dresses. 


When choosing your first belt to add to your wardrobe, go basic. Less is more with this. I have three black belts and one of them is identical to this Tory Burch Braided stretch belt.
Having a stretch belt will do two things. It will ‘one’ stretch to fit your waist line no matter our thick or light the clothing material. And ‘two’ it will increase the number of styles you can create with your clothing pieces.
For example, take a look at this basic faded chambray shirt dress. Without the belt it can be worn as is or tied in the front with a variety of bottoms to create different looks. In addition, adding a belt provides even more options.

A basic black belt can be worn over just about any piece of clothing to add a new dimension to your look.

Okay fashionistas, which of these pieces did you already have in your closet?

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