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5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker

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5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
I know I’m not the only person who loves a clean kitchen, but hates doing the actual cleaning up after others. When you have a home full of people, the kitchen is bound to get dirty again and again. This concept is something I struggled with when I became a homemaker. I would get frustrated when the kitchen would end up dirty in what seemed like minutes after I cleaned it. I’d have everything shiny, fingerprint and grime free only to go away, come back and the sink be full of dishes yet again.
So what’s a homemaker to do?

First we need to throw out the idea that Homemaking is about perfection. Our homes should be our safe place. A place where we feel refreshed, inspired and loved. It doesn’t have to be spotless for it to be that. Rather than focusing on spotless being the goal, I encourage you to focus on enjoying the process. It starts with putting cleaning strategies in place that inspire you slow down and enjoy homemaking.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies for not so perfect homemaker. Especially the ones who don’t always have clean kitchen and everything all together.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for Not-So-Perfect Homemakers
1. Choose cleaning products that inspire.
That may sound corny but think about this. How do you feel once you’ve cleaned the kitchen and it’s smelling all fresh and fragrant? I love the scents that can come along with cleaning the kitchen so I choose cleaning products that help me enjoy the process and look forward to the end result. Mrs. Meyer’s® Dish Soap and Mrs. Meyer’s® Multi-surface Everyday Cleaner fit the bill. They smell so invigorating, are made for hardworking home keeping and look nice on the counter where they are easy to get to.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
2. Always start with hot soapy water.
Whether cleaning the dishes or surfaces I always start with hot soapy water. I set up hot soapy water in the sink before washing the dishes or starting dinner. Having the water there to let dishes soak for a few minutes makes cleaning them easier. For dish washing I fill the sink halfway with hot water and a squirt or two of Mrs. Meyer’s® Dish Soap.
Mrs. Meyer’s® Lemon Verbena Dish Soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
3. Opt for appliance free or minimal appliances on the counter.
I loved having appliances on the counter at one time. That was until I realized how dirty they get and how much harder the counter is to clean with them there. I later opted for appliance free counters and cleaning became so much easier. After a while I realized appliances are fine as long as they are used daily and wiped when the counter is wiped. Now, I only have a microwave, toaster oven and blender on the counter. I use those daily and keep them out of the way in places where I don’t prep food.
4. Wipe as you go.
Another purpose for hot soapy water is so I can quickly wipe surfaces around my kitchen. The counters and appliances became much easier to keep clean when I came up with a better cleaning method. Before cleaning or cooking I set up a sink full of hot water with a little Mrs. Meyer’s® Dish Soap to use for soaking dishes. Then I set up the other sink with hot water for wiping surfaces.
Once my food is cooking, I start tidying the kitchen. Using Meyer’s® Multi-surface Everyday Cleaner, I disinfect and clean the surfaces where I prepped food. That way once the meal is done the kitchen is pretty much close to clean.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
5. Let go of perfection.
Between advertisements and pictures from online homemakers, we can start to feel like everyone’s home is clean except for ours. What we need to remember is what appears to be going on in someone else’s house is really none of our concern. We just need to do our best to make our homes a haven and find contentment in the not so perfect.
You can find Mrs. Meyer’s® Dish Soap and Multi-surface Everyday Cleaner at Kroger on the cleaning product aisle.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker
For more kitchen cleaning inspiration with Mrs. Meyer’s® Brand click here.
5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker


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22 thoughts on “5 Clean Kitchen Hacks for the Not So Perfect Homemaker

  1. I am obsessed with Meyers products. We just bought a bunch. Thank you for these great tips. Will be implementing a few.

  2. Great hacks to make cleaning easier. I'm not sure if the cleaning products are available in the UK tho.

  3. I feel like you are talking directly to me, as I am not the best homemaker. However, I want to be. I think the advice I should start with is to opt for appliance free or minimal appliances on the counter. They are so cluttered.

  4. Great ideas! I am picky about our cleaning spray I will use.

  5. I am so picky about my cleaning products. I don't like harsh smells or chemicals. I have never tried Myers but will look for it.

  6. Awesome hacks! I used Mrs Myers in our home and I have to say that I love it. Like a lot! My favorite is the dish soap. Great scent and safe for the home and environment.

  7. Wiping and cleaning as you go is such a huge one for me with cleaning, minimizing the end mess y tidying as you go. Also with a small Condo kitchen it's important to have clear surfaces to prep food on so no clutter or appliances is such a great tip!

  8. Such great tips.
    Agree about hot water. I always use hot water. It really helps and makes everything so much easier.
    I didn't know this brand I will have a look.

  9. I like all have read about the product.I may give it a try. I also have some products I use for cleaning.

  10. I do love cleaning hacks. I have no time!! so any tips I get are more than welcome.

  11. I don't like having clutter on my countertops. It hinders my ability to clean and clean quickly. So I definitely agree that limiting the appliances on the counters will make a huge difference. I typically just use a vinegar mixture to clean with but I have heard great things about Mrs. Meyers products.

  12. Clean kitchen is the priority for every homemaker. I do use disinfectants to wipe off all kinds of pollutants and it's a weekly feature at my home to go for extensive cleaning.

  13. I need to make appliance-free counters a goal for my kitchen. That Meyer's Dish Soap sounds effective! I need to give that a shot.

  14. Oooo this is a great post! That is so true that homes don't need to be perfect

  15. The name Akamatra actually means – in old fashioned Greek- a girl lazy in house chores, lol. Do you get my drift?

  16. I love those products, the branding is so pretty and they always smell great!

  17. I need to try out these products! I always hear about them. I'll be sure to pick some up the next time I go out. I don't have a Kroger, but I have seen them at Target too.

  18. As someone who loves natural products, I know Mrs. Meyer's brand is wonderful! I love all the ideas you shared and to be honest, I do have my toaster oven and my juicer on my counter. Yes, they do get dirty too. My kitchen could use a big makeover, so keeping it clean is an ongoing task. You've made it sound a lot easier with your suggestions to use hot soapy water and some great products from Mrs. Meyer! Thanks for the tips!

  19. I use Meyer in my bathroom. For my kitchen, I use mostly vinegar or soap and hot water. My tip is to keep on top of the mess and not let things like dishes pile up!

  20. Your post is a timely reminder that I need to clean the kitchen. Lols! I bet Lemon Verbena products smell fresh and delicious.

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