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4 Ways to Make Money With Online Surveys

This #bendtherules moment and survey success tips are created in partnership with @HP. All opinions are my own.

Do you seriously want to make some extra money taking surveys? 

Of course you do, so let me help you out with four simple tips. To demonstrate these tips I’m using my HP Pavillion x360. With a 360 degree hinge it can be used as a laptop, tablet, tent and stand. It’s the same laptop Meghan Trainor is using to document her All About That BassTour in partnership with HP. The HP x360 laptops are the most versatile laptops I’ve ever seen and perfect for taking surveys.

Who should take surveys?

Those of you who are serious about supplementing your income or saving for something special, are the folks who should be taking surveys.

I took surveys from 2008 through 2010, and used my earnings each year to fund our Christmas savings account. The money I made each day taking surveys accumulated into a small check every week or so. 

The key to making with surveys are as follows:

1. Set a time a few days a week when you will sit down and complete surveys and pre-screeners. 

Get on your laptop a few times a week and block off time for survey taking. You can take them from anywhere, especially on the HP x360 laptop. The tablet mode is my personal favorite because it allows the laptop lay flat. This is so cool and perfect for survey takers who have a few minutes while at the doctor’s office. You can use that time to make some extra money. 

Don’t forget to keep a record of payouts because you will need to report your earnings. 

Use my FREE Really Awesome Survey Tracker printable.

2. Take advantage of every referral program.  

In addition to earning money taking surveys, you should be telling other people about the survey companies you like best. Most companies compensate you for every person you refer, so don’t keep it a secret.

Hop on your laptop and share your referral link. When sharing think about what made you join and tell your friends that. A great place to put your referral link is in your email signature area. 

3. Set up a separate email account just for survey invites. 

When working with survey companies you can get as many as ten emails per company per day. If you’re signed to five companies, that’s at least fifty emails per day.

I suggest setting up an email address specifically for survey companies. Now you won’t overlook important mail in your primary inbox.

You should also, learn to filter through the surveys in your inbox. Not every survey has a cash or point reward. Some surveys reward you with an entry into a sweepstakes. Learn how to decipher between the ones that pay and those that earn a sweepstake entry. If not you will burn out wasting time and not making any money.

4. Register with as many legitimate sites as possible. 

The more survey sites you register with the more survey invitations you’ll receive. The more survey invitations you receive, the more selective you can be about which ones to invest time on.

I always kept a Top List of Survey companies I’d start taking surveys with each day. They were the ones with the higher payout and the ones I qualified for more than others not on my list.

So are you ready to make MORE money with survey companies?

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26 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Money With Online Surveys

  1. These are great tips that anyone can use. A few hours at the computer can equal a paycheck. It is a nice way to earn income while at home with the family.

  2. I use to do online surveys a lot and got some really cool things from them but not money! I might have to dive back into this world

  3. Great tips. I use to do surveys but didn't make much from it but my mom loves it. will pass this along to her.

  4. Great advice. I don't do many at the moment. May get into it more.

  5. I've never put much time into surveys, but if you want to take the time there seems to be some money to be made.

  6. This is a great idea! I have always thought that surveys were a waste of time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I wish I'd have known to set up an extra email for sweeps! Just like surveys they give you a LOT of spam. 😉

  8. These are a great way to make a little extra spending money, especially for Christmas gifts. Great tip about the separate email account, makes things a lot easier and keeps your "real" inbox clear.

  9. Great tips! I've not taken surveys like this before so I'll have to try it!

  10. I just recently signed up with Pine Cone. I have never done these surveys before, great way to earn a few dollars.

  11. I used to take a lot of surveys before blogging really too more of my time. Thanks for the tips on this.

  12. You have the most amazing … transparent and realistic Tips for making money on the Internet. Thank you so much for the quality Content you provide

  13. Cool tips, wish I had time to sit down and complete some for a little extra cash

  14. What great tips! I used to do pretty well with surveys and then stopped. I need to get back into them.

  15. Interesting tips, I have not had much luck with surveys, they seem to take more time than reward. Then again I may have been going about it all wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Setting up a separate email account is a good idea. Those invites bring a lot of spam & junk with them.

  17. Great tips! I've taken a few surveys but they don't actually 'pay' cold hard cash – they give gifts which is not as attractive as $$. Thank you for sharing this!

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