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4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out

People are often surprised by my age and think I’m younger than I am. I don’t mind it now, but when I was in my twenties I hated looking young. I think the assumption is derived by observing my height (I’m 5,1) my build (I weigh 120 pounds), my hair, skin, and nails. 
4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out

In my early twenties, self-care became very important to me. Taking time to do things that made me happy and nurtured me from the inside out was a normal part of my routine. This got a little harder when I became a wife and mom. In all honesty, it fell by the wayside for some years. When our kids were little, self-care was put on the back burner. As my kids got older, I didn’t naturally resume self-care habits. It wasn’t until one day when my husband forced me to stop putting everyone first all of the time and to take time for myself. He noticed I was often unhappy and tired. I didn’t realize, the kids had gotten older and it was okay to not give them every bit of my time and energy.

When my youngest son was eight years old, I put me back on the priority list. I set a goal to cultivate a habit of pampering myself with quality products, food, and healthy habits again. Five years later, I am glad I did. I just turned 40 years old and I feel amazing. Here are some of the main habits that contribute to my youthfulness and overall inner peace.

1. Start every day with God.

4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out

Every morning when I wake up I talk to God. Then I read His words of encouragement, correction, and instructions in the Bible. I know I did not create myself and don’t have all of the answers. Taking time each morning to center my life on the one thing that never changes helps me keep everything else in proper perspective.

2. Drink lots of water. 

Water is vital to our entire body both inside and out. The body is made up of 70% water and is necessary for our bodies to function properly. I use to get really bad headaches and learned headaches are an indication of water deprivation. Constipation is another indicator as well as dry mouth and kidney pain. 

I start every day with a cup of water and drink up to ten cups a day at regular intervals throughout the day.

3. Hair, skin, and nail care.
4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out
Fridays are my pamper day. It’s the day where I set aside an hour or two to pamper whatever part of me needs pampering. The focus is usually on my hair skin and nails. This is my day to give myself a pedicure, manicure or restyle my hair. Fridays are set aside for beauty routines that take a little extra time.

During the week, I keep my hair, skin, and nails healthy by what I put on my body and in it. In addition to drinking water for radiant skin, I take a hair, skin, and nails vitamin with Biotin twice a day. This, I think, has been one of the reasons my hair has grown so fast in the last three months. Since taking hair, skin and nail vitamins I’ve seen a big difference in the health and feel of my hair and nails especially.

For daily skin care, I use a facial cleanser that exfoliates, hydrates and repairs. Then I hydrate my skin using a moisturizing facial cream and body lotion.

4. Exercise.
4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out
This one was hard for me and it’s just plain hard for most of us. Exercising requires sacrifice and if you’re doing it right, it leaves you sore and tired oftentimes. 

The upside is it stimulates all kinds of good chemicals in your brain that make you feel good and optimistic. It also shapes and tones your body helping to improve the way you look physically. On the inside, it helps your heart, lungs, blood, muscles and arteries function better. When I started observing my mood and energy level on days when I exercised verses did not exercise, I saw a marked difference. My husband was actually the one who pointed this out to me. 

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a happier wife and mom when I have happy chemicals running through my brain and tons of energy.


So here what I want to challenge you to do. Create a list of activities that make you happy. Add at least on to the “personal” box on your daily planner page every day. Carve out time daily to do at least one thing that makes you happy. At the end of the week, use the planner kit note sheet to journal how this habit impacted you.


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20 thoughts on “4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out

  1. I love the sunglasses!! And for me, starting a routine is the best way for me to be productive and be the better me. You look super cute!

  2. Great tips! I look way younger than I am too. When people ask my age, I just tell them I'm how ever old they think I am! lol. You look AMAZING!! -monique

  3. I need to drink a lot of water and a good pampering session once a week. Thanks for the great reminder!

  4. I need to take a couple of hours for me too. I am always doing something but taking care of myself. 🙁

  5. I need to prioritize exercise in my self-catering routine. This post is a good reminder of the positive effects it has.

  6. Thanks for the reminder that I need to take time out to do things to make myself happy. It's an important thing.

  7. I always get annoyed when people think I'm 16/17. I'm sure I'll appreciate looking younger when I'm older. Lol. I just recently started making my self-care a priority. I even created a self-care challenge on one of my blogs. That is super important!

  8. I am in the phase of looking after my nine month old daughter and letting myself totally unkempt. Ugh, I do wish I'll snap out of it soon!

  9. When I was younger I used to hate when people told me that I looked young. Now, I'm just like "Thank You!!" still working on self care though. I don't have a routine. However, I do try to make sure that I drink plenty of water and get some excise in.

  10. You DO look extremely young! I definitely took it for granted that I had nice skin in my 20s. I need to start a better skincare regime to keep it going into my 30s! I also agree that water and diet is a huge factor in it all. I find that when I eat better, my skin looks better!

  11. That reminds me to jog daily. A healthy routine always pays off in long term

  12. Taking care of yourself is always necessary! We must take time out for ourselves how much ever busy you are.
    You have mentioned good pointer's thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. I do drink a lot of water! Or try to, at least. I am not religious, so I don't do anything like that, but reading helps me as well. I also try to jog daily.

  14. I don't know which I love more that it took your husband to encourage you to take of yourself (Go hubby!) Or that you're sharing it with others who may struggle with the value of self care. Cant pour from an empty cup! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Trying to create a better sleep routine has been helping me. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is a necessity for me!

  16. I am a beauty professional and I take care of others, but I need to get back to focusing on my self care. My favorite self care rituals are facials, pedicures, and massages. I need to really get back to the basics and incorporate exercise and especially daily time with God. Your page and blog are really helpful.

  17. Yes. I'm learning it is sooo important to take care of yourself- not only spiritually, but also physically. I can totally related after my (surprise)fifth kid, self care all pretty much went out the door! But, The Lord is helping me put things back in order-spiritually, emotionally and physically and your article just confirms it!

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