4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine

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4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine

I love this time of the year. It’s when I get to refocus my efforts especially those related to fitness and health. This year one of my goals is to eat breakfast more often. If you follow me on Instagram, I often mention how hard it is for me to eat breakfast in the mornings.

I’m usually tired and unprepared so I skip it, even though I know breakfast one of the most important meals of the day. I work out early in the mornings, so skipping breakfast isn’t the wisest thing to do. 

To make sure I eat breakfast every morning, I’ve stocked my cabinet with some whole grain Big G cereals while they are on sale this week. I’ve shared the upcoming Publix sale details at the end of this post if you need to stock up. 

Aside from making sure, I have my favorite Big G cereals on hand, I’ve also implemented a few other breakfast routines that have made a difference. 

4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine

1. Make a meal plan

Breakfast and dinner are the two most important meals of my day. Breakfast is the meal that helps get me going in the morning and dinner is the one that keeps me from waking in the night hungry. 

Having a meal plan helps me figure out what to buy when grocery shopping. On weeks when I’ll have a busy morning, I make sure I stock up on easy breakfasts like Multi-Grain and Honey Nut Cheerios. A bowl of whole grain cereal, a muffin, and fresh fruit is a good way for me to get going in the morning.

4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine
2. Prep for Breakfast Ahead of Time

I’ve have set up breakfast stations in my fridge, my cabinet, on my counter and at a buffet in the dining room before. The goal is organizing my most used breakfast items in one place.

Having most of what I need to eat breakfast in one place takes the guess work out of eating. I love keeping my families cereals in clear jars along with bowls and spoons at our dining room buffet. I also keep fresh fruit, muffins, and coffee supplies at our buffet. 
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With this set up the only thing I need to grab and bring to the table in the mornings is milk and juice.

3. Don’t eat alone

I usually eat breakfast with my husband while watching sports highlights and news. Sometimes, I meet friends for breakfast at a local restaurant or take a breakfast beverage with me to the gym. 

Eating breakfast with others is a fun way to enjoy breakfast more and have some good conversation. 
4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine
4. Get up earlier

This is one of my least favorite ways of making sure I eat breakfast. My husband sets his alarm for us to wake up, eat and workout. If he didn’t I’d sleep in every day. We set our alarm to go off an hour before we start exercising. That give us enough time to eat and get out the door. 

Keep in mind, the less time you give yourself before you need to start the day, the simpler your breakfast choice will have to be. Keep your cabinet stocked with your favorite Big G cereals. I like keeping Multi Grain Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios in the house for easy breakfasts.

Now that you know what some of my tips are for establishing a good breakfast routine, I have a question.

Which Big G cereal was your favorite growing up? What would you like to improve about your current morning routine?


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22 thoughts on “4 Tips for Establishing a Good Breakfast Routine

  1. Growing up, we rarely ate breakfast. If we did, it was total junk. But it's a habit I'm happy I picked up and shared with my own children.

  2. Love these tips! During the week it's just me and my daughter for breakfast. Meal prepping is a great tip. I love the idea of putting the cereals in jars or containers. Makes it easier for my son to reach too and less chance of him leaving the box open and the cereals going stale lol

  3. Great post, love how you store your cereal. I love breakfast it's my favorite meal of the day!

  4. Oh, I never eat alone. I have my little guy here with me every morning. It would do me good to get up earlier, though.

  5. I love taking out time for breakfast. I really need to put into practice though, your advice to get up earlier.

  6. These are things I seriously need to work on. I think I'll have to start with more planning and prep.

  7. Great tips!!! I'm all about meal planning. I make my schedule every Thursday night and I'm pretty good at sticking to it!

  8. I wake up early to put the kids on the bus each morning. I do not skip breakfast or else I feel weak. I really do not have a favorite cereal but all of the ones in the pictures are good.

  9. I wasn't a huge cereal person till colllege actually! My roommate and I were obsessed with cinnamon toast crunch!

  10. Getting up earlier in order to have a good breakfast is so important to me. I can't really start the day properly unless I've fuelled my body and had my cup of tea so it's worth getting up 15 minutes earlier.

  11. I love Honey Nut Cheerios (and so does my son.) Everyone in my family eats a decent breakfast – it's the only way we can get through the morning without being hangry and in terrible moods!

  12. Cereals are fun to eat when its colorful (just make sure its not artificial coloring). But I prefer more on oatmeals than cereals 🙂

  13. Not really a fan of these cereals but I do LOVE your tips! Especially planning breakfast ahead of time. Before buys days, I like to prep some over night oats that are easy to just grab and take with me to school or work. 🙂

  14. Those are our favorite cereals. Great organization, I love them.

  15. There are no problems here in the breakfast department. We eat a variety of things through out the week. Cereal is not always our go to option. I like to make breakfast so it maybe waffles, donuts or coffee cake. I do however like the jars with the cereal in it. My little ones probably couldn't handle pouring it without making a mess but the presentation is nice.

  16. Mmm, I love all these cereals. I'm weird though and I do not like milk so I eat them plain. But it's fine with me, because they are delicious! My daughter loves them with milk though.

  17. I love the mason jars filled with cereal. I don't get to eat breakfast normally. I must do better. Thank you for this awareness.

  18. So I love breakfast and hate mornings. Lol I'm the worst. Your tip for waking up earlier … hahaha I suppose I need to try that, but when morning rolls around, I just keep hitting snooze.

  19. Seriously LOVE all your breakfast cereal options. I am a big breakfast lover and cereal is my weakness, I feel like a child at a candy store.

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