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3 Simple Categories for my Tax Return

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My husband and I sat down a few weeks ago to write out our budget for our income tax return. 

We have three categories that help us decide how to use tax return.

Here’s how it’s broken down.

  • Tithes = 10%
  • Savings = 80%
  • Spend = 10%

Knowing where we’ll divert our tax return in advance makes it easier to budget. Once our tax return arrives, we know that at least 10% of it can be used to pay for miscellaneous things or projects.

One of the miscellaneous expenses that fell under ‘spend’ around tax time a few years ago was the issue of our home phone.

At that time, we made a decision to turn off our land line and replace it with a mobile phone. 

We decided on the Walmart Family Plan and have had it ever since. We have unlimited talk, text & data service which includes up to 500MB of 4G LTE data for $29.88 a month for the first line.

The price is budget friendly, costs less than a land line, and offers more benefits than a traditional phone.

Instead of a phone that just sends and receive calls, we have another device with which we can connect to the internet. 

The Walmart Family 4G LTE data plan provides the most up to date technology so we get fast downloads and page loads.

Since we use this phone for more than just calls we decided to upgrade from an older model phone to the new ZTE ZMAX phablet. The screen is humungous which is perfect when my kids need to search the web or if I need to look up a recipe.

If you’ve been thinking about letting go of your landline, you should take a look at the Walmart plans. You’ll get way more benefits out of having a cell phone. Plus, if you’re paying more than $29.88 for your home phone, you’ll save money by going exclusively mobile for your home phone needs.

The biggest perk for me is ‘no contract’. If I ever change my mind about the service, I can cancel anytime.

What cell phone service do you have now and do you love it or hate it?
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9 thoughts on “3 Simple Categories for my Tax Return

  1. We're with a larger carrier but have always wondered if it's more feasible to switch to another carrier. Now that WFM has 4G LTE it may be easier to make the decision. #client

    1. I love the WFM for our kids. The service is perfect for them and reliable. The pricing is definitely one of the lowest for the quality of service.

  2. We use Verizon and we love it! Great coverage and prices for our needs.

  3. I've been with Verizon Wireless for years. My pricing there is excellent and they have the best coverage in my area hands down.

    1. Same here on the primary carrier, but thier prices were high when it was time to add lines for my children which is why we use Walmart Family Mobile plans for them? Have you had the same experience with pricing on extra lines?

  4. We have Verizon, and so far I've been happy with it since all of our family has the same provider.

    1. My husband and I use Verizon for our phones. I love thier service for places where tower coverage is sketchy. My husband spends a lot of time on the road and I work mobile a lot so we don't use inexpensive plans for our phones.

  5. When my husband and I moved into our house we never set up a landline. What's the use? I have friends that like to have it for emergencies, in case cell towers are out, but in my almost 10 years without a landline I've never regretted it. One less monthly bill is always a good thing!

    1. I couldn't agree more Tara. 10 years ago I was a little nervous about not having a landline for the reason you mentioned, but at this point that's not a valid fear. Cell towers are very reliable unless it's a national type emergency, but even then I think people are used to phone service being tied up during major emergencies. I'll take the savings instead.

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