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$25 DIY Campaign Nightstand

How fabulous it is when a home decor enthusiast finds campaign furniture. It’s as if the clouds part and rays of golden light shine down onto the piece of furniture. 

That might not have been what actually happened when I saw these babies at the Goodwill, but it’s surely what it felt like.

They were sitting there all pretty and I walked over and began inspecting them. One of the nightstands was wobbly, but I knew I could fix that. They were two different shades of white, but nothing a little paint couldn’t fix and at $25 a piece I had to have them.

As soon as I go them home, I stripped them of their hardware. 

I gave every nook and cranny a good wiping before painting them.

I painted them with some flat white paint I had leftover from another project.

In between coats of paint, I began spray painting the hardware gold.

I applied two coats of white paint to each nightstand and sealed it with Polyurethane. 

Once everything was completely dry, I put the hardware back on and placed one night stand on either side of my bed.

I absolutely love the way they came out and they will look beautiful in our bedroom once we’re finished renovating it.
Here’s a quick recap of the process from purchase to the finished project.
The next project in this space is pulling up this horrid carpet. Stay tuned for that.
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