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20 Homemaking Binder Sections + a Flip Through of My Self Care Section

20 Homemaking Binder Sections

For those of you who think starting a homemaking binder is hard, it’s not. Your homemaking binder does not have to look like anyone else. It doesn’t have to be decorated with pretty stickers and washi tape. 

Don’t let a undecorated binder stop you from getting your life organized. It’s not about the cutest stickers or best handwriting. It’s about finding a practical way to manage your time, resources and life the best you can. What your binder does have to be is useful. You can learn to make it pretty as you make it practical. 

The first thing you want for your binder is useful sections. There are a ton of options to choose from, but choose wisely. In the beginning I had way too many sections in my binder. I was using a 3 inch binder which is pretty thick and heavy to carry around. It housed my homemaking and homeschool sections, but with so much information the book was just humungous. 

I later switched to using multiple binders to manage areas of my life. Now I use binders and notebooks to keep everything organized.

When you’re ready to set up your homemaking, start by making a list of sections important to your life. Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

20 Homemaking Binder Sections
20 Homemaking Binder Section Ideas

  1. Home Making
  2. Faith
  3. Self Care /Fitness
  4. Schedules/Routines/Cleaning
  5. Menu Plan/Groceries
  6. Household Inventory
  7. Finances/Budget
  8. Log-ins
  9. Contacts
  10. Lists/To-Do Lists/Brain Dumps
  11. Home School / School
  12. Blogging 
  13. Business/Work
  14. Medical Records
  15. Home Improvement
  16. Hospitality/Events
  17. Holiday Plans
  18. Marriage 
  19. Hobbies
  20. Miscellaneous

Once you have your sections begin thinking or subsections you want within the sections. For example my “home making” section is where I track daily to-do’s, meal plans. There is not limit to what you can include here, but make sure to fill it with subcategories that help you manage or track a certain area of your life.

20 Homemaking Binder Sections

The current sections in binder are planner ideas, self care, homemaking, kids, and work. From there I fill the sections with things relevant to keeping track of the important things in my life. 

My pages are super simply laid out and I only embellished them with washi or stamps. My planning style is geared toward the layout and penmanship aspect versus the cute stickers. Writing things out in an organized way calms me, helps me focus and get things done.

I filmed a flip through of my “personal/self-care” section. This section is where I write my devotions, goals, emotions journaling, things I’m thankful for, blessings, notes from books I’m reading and travel plans.

If you prefer pre-made homemaking planner pages you can print some here


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3 thoughts on “20 Homemaking Binder Sections + a Flip Through of My Self Care Section

  1. This is a great idea to get organized and get started this new year. I think I need to start doing this.

  2. Such a great idea and a wonderful resource to try making some wonderful binders at home. You have done a wonderful job and with more subcategories this really is a worthy binder to do at home!

  3. I love this idea! I feel like its so helpful to have this kind of binder. I may have to do this this year.

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