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12 Month Save the Change Challenge | January Totals

We are one month into the Save the Change Challenge and it’s time to see what we saved. If you started the challenge in January, share your end of month totals in the comments below. 

Before I share my totals, I want to tell you about one thing I’m doing differently this month. 

Withdraw Cash Each Week
First, I did not consistently use the envelope system in January. I often skipped going to the bank to make cash withdrawals, which contributed to a lower amount of savings than I aimed for. 
This month I plan to be more consistent with making my withdrawals and paying cash for items in my Monthly Cash Budget categories. 
I am very good about keeping money in their specified categories so I want to make sure to do it. If not, I end up cheating myself out of change saved with every swipe of my debit card.
So on to the savings my friends. In January I was able to save $15.83 in coins. This was a combination of found coins and coins I saved every time I got coins back after a purchase.
I still haven’t decided what I’ll use my savings for, but I plan to make a decision soon. 
I’m very excited to watch my savings add up each month. I also want to hear how you did. If you missed last month, don’t worry, jump in and start this month. 
Every time you break a bill and get coins back, save them and see how much you can save in February.
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6 thoughts on “12 Month Save the Change Challenge | January Totals

  1. After literally saving his pennies last year, my husband managed to save $77.00. This method definitely works!

  2. I missed last month, but I'll have to try and do it this month!

  3. My saved change challenge is a little bit different. We are just doing a found change challenge. That would include things like money we find on the ground, in the couches, jackets, old purses,. For the month of January we have saved $2.75. Not a lot but we having fun doing it

    1. That's awesome Charrob. I actually started that way years ago. I then added on by using change as a result of dollars spent. My bank used to offer something called round up. So every time I spent less than a whole $1 the difference was automatically transferred to a savings account. I'm glad to see you taking part in the challenge. The goal is about creating a habit of saving and hopefully leaving a legacy of good financial management.

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