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12 Month Save the Change Challenge | February Totals

I am two months into the Save the Change Challenge and it’s been a bumpy road.

I was sick the entire month of February so I didn’t do much spending. Low spending means I accumulated very little change.

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I use the envelope system which means I withdraw a set amount of money each week for specific expense categories. 
I have ben very consistent in funding my Cash Budget categories and sticking to the budget. 

Managing my money this way allows me to set spending boundaries and encourages me to save at the same time.

In February I was able to save $7.43 in coins. This was a combination of found coins and coins I saved every time I got coins back after a purchase.

Between January and February I now have $23.26 saved.

Keep and eye out for my March update and share your success in the comments below.

Are you participating in a savings challenge? How are you doing so far?
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