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4 Ways to get your family back on track after the holiday season

You all know I’m typically a creature of habit, who relies heavily on schedules, meal plans, consistency and routine. But did you know, during the holiday season I ditch structure and go with the flow?

From October through December, I eat what I want and don’t feel guilty when I don’t exercise. 

The only challenge with ditching routine for the holidays, is getting back into it after the holidays. The good news is, it only takes changing one thing at a time, to get back on track.

I’m sharing my plans to get back on track over at SheKnows. Click here or on the image below. 

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9 thoughts on “4 Ways to get your family back on track after the holiday season

  1. Great tips – my little boy who's three only drinks water, I eudh the rest of us were as healthy! Kaz

  2. Video games can be a major time suck – it is important that kids know that they shouldn't be addicted to anything: media included!

  3. Girl preach! I am all about getting back on track. I've written a few posts about it too

  4. I have started out the food swap. Like last night I was craving ice cream. Instead of ice cream at 9pm, I opted for yogurt with a little granola. It just good!

  5. These are some great tips!!! I have definitely been trying to push the water on hubby and the toddler.

  6. Great flips. I'm a big water advocate. It makes you feel so much healthier!

  7. Those are simple switches that will help a lot. My family is back to eating healthy.

  8. I can't wait to read your tips because you're not kidding about it being difficult! I have yet to get back into my groove.

  9. My family was breaking good during and after the holidays. I make and serve sweets only during special holidays. The rest of the time we keep healthy foods on hand.

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